Reliable decision support so you can get on with business.

Give your customers an effortless and faster experience with fully analysed transaction history reports.

Improve your completion and conversion rates

Credit Sense improves your completion rate by making it easier for your customers. Our advanced analytics gives you immediate visibility and confidence to approve more people, faster.

If you’d like to approve more new-to-business customers, we can help you.

Your customers will love you for it

Your customers will love using Credit Sense because it’s easy, reliable and means they don’t have to provide supporting documents separately. Request a test drive today and experience it for yourself.

You'll like it so much, we don't need lock in contracts

We are the world leader in what we do. We want that to be the reason you stay.

Sometimes less really is more, we’ve made partnering with Credit Sense easy by taking some stuff away.

  • No sign-up fees
  • No up-front payments
  • No minimum spends
  • No lock-in contract terms
  • No catches
  • Pay only for what you use as you use it.


Credit Sense will enhance your existing processes and integration is simple.

Seamlessly integrate Credit Sense and provide your customers with an effortless experience they will enjoy and remember. Get ahead of the competition and contact us today to stay at the leading edge of frictionless application practices.

Consistent, accurate and valuable analysis… every time

Bank statement transaction analysis is complex. Whether you gather the transactions digitally or your customer provides them manually, getting them is just the beginning. Transactions alone do not offer much value.

We are the leading provider of industry specific bank statement analysis and can provide your team with rock-solid credit decisioning support - measuring and reporting the things that you want to know.

No matter what size your business is, Credit Sense can improve your team’s productivity, consistency and profitability, ask us how.

Operationally better

Transaction analysis is not easy. Complex lending criteria and the irregular nature of bank statements makes the manual review process challenging, resource intensive and difficult to scale.

Our consistent and measurable approach to analysis manages your risk of exposure to inconsistent and unreliable results.

Take the cost and effort out of transaction analysis and say goodbye to inconsistent and unreliable results. Try us, you’ll be pleased you did.

Analysis that makes sense

Analysis is our thing. Our industry specific reports measure exactly what you want to know and allow you to automate and simplify your process. Let Credit Sense take the guesswork out of your credit decisioning process.

Advanced pattern matching

Every bank statement transaction is unique. When a person looks at a collection of transactions they can tell which ones are related because they subconsciously identify the key parts, look for matches and solve the problem.

Systems find this kind of logic more difficult. At Credit Sense we have patented sophisticated pattern matching technology that acts like you do when you look at a bank statement.

The only difference is we do it in a fraction of a second, exactly the same way, every time.

Risk management support

Credit Sense supports your risk management system. Whether you need to identify undeclared liabilities, meet insurers' conditions or ensure affordability and suitability, Credit Sense will make the process easier and more robust.


Credit Sense is a trusted element of many credit providers’ application processes. We know that your success depends on us being available when your customers want to apply, and we won’t let you down.

We have invested in flexible infrastructure and built fault-tolerant systems that scale to support demand now and into the future.

You won’t experience service degradation within our system, but we also know that we don’t control every bank in the world, so we go one step further. Should a bank experience an outage our user experience model will guide customers so that their experience remains positive and frictionless.


It’s comforting to know that Credit Sense is recognised as a Credit Reporting Body and is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) (Membership No. 46523).

We are responsible for protecting our customer’s privacy and for the security of their personal information. We invite you to take a moment and view our Privacy Policy, Personal Information Access and Correction Process and our Complaints Management Process.

Reduce fraud

Our clients report an immediate reduction in fraud upon adding Credit Sense to their application process. Credit Sense is hands-off, so you can be sure that the information we provide is direct from the customer’s bank and has not been manipulated or altered.

Let the fraudsters apply elsewhere, use Credit Sense.


The Credit Sense dashboard offers exceptional visibility and the power to manage workflow across your team. You can do everything from here - monitor your customer’s application progress, see system notices, view statistics, download reports and more - and it’s all available with zero integration.

Your access to our dashboard is unlimited. All of your staff can have their own access with tailored workflow channels to suit your business.


No matter how large or small your business is, we have an integration option to suit you. Our integration approach is modular so you can start off right now with no integration and over time integrate the parts of the solution that make the most sense for your business.

We can support you at all levels of integration, from something we host right through to a fully automated API solution.

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