Credit Sense improves your customer acquisition process

Here’s an example of how Avoka integrated Credit Sense and delivered a 3 minute loan application.

Minimising customer effort is key to creating a frictionless customer acquisition process. One of the challenges Avoka faced was how to accurately pre-fill a customer’s income and expenditure and enable them to “review and agree”. Not requiring the customer to obtain supporting documents, calculate expenses and key them manually removes barriers and reduces abandonment.

Credit Sense was the only supplier able to demonstrate a reliable and secure data acquisition model and accurate transaction analysis that would allow Avoka to overcome this challenge. By integrating Credit Sense Avoka enabled the customer to provide their income and expenditure – fully supported by their bank statements – effortlessly as part of the application process.

We invite you to watch Avoka’s 3 Minute Loan Application – Fastest Onboarding Experience in the World presentation.

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