About Credit Sense.

We aggregate, analyse, enrich and provide insights from financial data.

As the way people share data evolves, consumers have more opportunity than ever to leverage their personal information in ways that benefit them. We strongly believe that consumers should have agency over their data and be able to share it safely to negotiate better deals, connect with services faster and achieve their personal goals.

Credit Sense enables consumers and businesses to connect and share information safely and easily. We ensure consumers retain visibility and control of their data and consents, and enable businesses access to reliable and accurate financial insights to serve customers better and faster.

Our goal is to improve how the world shares data. We can give consumers the tools and visibility to really leverage this resource to take control of their future and achieve their personal goals.

We want to enable businesses to serve consumers better and help connect with and understand their customers needs and personal goals on a deeper level. We want business and consumers to work together to build stronger relationships that ultimately deliver mutual benefits far beyond a single transaction.

We believe that the engineers working on those difficult problems should get as much attention as the consumers and businesses who use our product. Your experience when integrating and leveraging our product across your business is important to us, we’re here for you - and we mean it!